Monday, October 20, 2008

Ultimate Frisbee Feedback

Teaching Ultimate Frisbee was a little nerve-racking. I think it was the microphone that scared me because I knew that I was going to have to listen to myself and I knew it wasn’t going to sound good so I tried to be to the point. Then looking back on my transcript I laughed at myself because I would think “Did I really just say that?” The next thing was to fill out the Feedback Analysis form. Here I realized that I actually have very little feedback, which is not a good thing. The feed back that I did have was general which was even worse. Writing the transcript and filling out the feedback form I got to see what I need to work on and what I need to change which is a good thing.

SUNY Cortland Mini-Conference

The Mini- Conference held on Friday, October 10, 2008 was an exciting experience that I really enjoyed. Being part of it and being part of the introduction was fun because it let us show that we were excited, as students, about the conference, and excited about all the things that we could learn that day. I can honestly say that I was not at all embarrassed about our opening; I thought it was well appreciated and it got everybody interacting from the beginning. It was our own little instant activity for the conference. The rest of the day I filled up with difference activities. I was at the key note speech, which I found very touching. I found Dr. Passarini to be very passionate about his work and the story about Katie was very nice. I realized, when see his presentation that doing what Dr. Passarini does takes a toll on you as a teacher, and you really get involved with the students that you teach. The next presentation I went to was “Integrating Polar Technology into Your Physical Education Program”. This presentation was interesting because it showed you all the different ways you can assess your students using the computer and this program. I thought this was a good idea because it’s different then a regular skills text and its fast to. The next presentation that I went to was the “Hi Tech/ Low Tech PE”. This presentation was not a sit down and talk to you presentation, here you got to go to the activity that interest you and learn about it. They had games that you can use in your classroom or games you can use at hoe. My favorite was the step master, or the pedal machine, that you can hook up to your video game system. Since I am a huge video gamer since I was about 5, I found this very interesting and very worth the price. The last presentation I went to was “Sport Stacking”. I liked this presentation because we got free cups to play with and we also got to be active and we were learning. This was fun to see how our students would feel just learning sport stacking in our class. All in all I really enjoyed the conference and look forward to the next one.