Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day One of Lab C

Day One of teaching Lab C was very nerve wracking; this was the first big block of time where I had to teach by myself, and seven minutes felt way longer then you could ever imagine. My lovely partner was Ms. Jessica Laing and she was a delight to work with. The lesson we chose to teach was square dancing. We figured this would be a fun activity because it steps away from the idea that the only way you could be active is by playing a game or a sport.
We had planned that I was going to teach the first 7 minutes of the lesson. My job was to tell the students about the background information of square dancing and teach them a couple of basic square dancing skills. Well, that lasted less then 5 minutes because after Jess taught we still had more time, so we continued with our lesson. At this point I was flustered and all over the place but I tried to compose myself and go on with the lesson. Because Jess and I had all of our 20 tasks already set it was easy to continue with the lesson. This experience showed me that I have to slow down when I’m teaching. When I talk I have to slow down, but also the content has to be slower. I rushed the background information and the steps. When teaching I have to remember to slow down and make sure everyone understand what is going on and for my lesson I should have spent more time teaching the skills. This lesson also showed me that I have to be over prepared with what I’m teaching so that I will never run out of things to do when teaching.

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