Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day Two of Lab C

Day Two was a good day. Going into the lesson I was very confident and felt that Jess and I prepared ourselves to kill the lesson. We had amazing visual aids that guided not only ourselves, but also the students throughout the lesson. I felt like this was an easier lesson to teach because it was more fun and more active. This time we were teaching the students an actual dance and it was really easy to get into. One Day 1 I had to make up the time that I had left over and Day 2 I was going over time. I found that I was way more relaxed when teaching and that you can get lost in it when you are enjoying what you are doing. A problem with my lesson is feedback. I found that I was talking throughout the whole lesson, whether it was to instruct the students or by counting out loud to the dance. I really need to work on giving feedback. When doing an activity like dance it would be helpful to have another teacher so that one can focus on the content while the other goes around giving feedback and help to the students.
Okay, so…. Wow! I didn’t know how annoying that could be. When looking at my transcript you can see that I say that a lot. Another thing that I have to fix is saying guys; I should say guys and girls, or younger students, boys and girls, older students, men and women. Another thing that I say a lot is “gonna” and “wanna”. I’m so used to talking the way I do that when I’m teaching I have to try to fix how I sound and make it sound more professional.
Overall I felt it was a successful lesson. As you can see in my time coding form, I had a lot of activity time which is a good thing. I tried to take the mistakes I made in the second lesson and fix them for this lesson and I feel a was successful.

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